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Walls covered in bloodstains Door bolted from the inside Bedclothes ripped off Tangled in bloodstained garments Raw mass of human flesh Once it was a woman Cold blooded experiment Deformed anatomy Ears and nose had been ripped off the corpse Pharynx torn Facial features obliterated Lower portion of the body Including the uterus had been cut out Removed and lacerated On the table beside the bed Like two pieces of meat... sickly placed Those mounds of flesh proved to be the victims breasts Symmetrically arranged Her heart and kidneys Bits of flesh hanging from picture frame nails Ten weeks came to a climax Killing number eight Cruel bestiality

Cantece Acrostichon cantece descarca piesa Relics piesa ultima melodie Melodiei versuri melodiei melodia cuvintele melodia cantece versuri muzica straina.

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