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Versuri Save My Belief

People Doing Wounds Piercing Through Souls Blood Of That Mighty Pulse, Don'T Vanish From My Heart! They Cut Branches From My Tree For Their Temples Of Delight Cries Ascend The Clouds To Escape From The Season Save My Belief Ease My Pain Save My Belief Give Me Faith Earth Changed To Hell In Eternal Space I Fly Around The Circle Of The World Wind'S Last Breath Had Tossed The Air And No Living Thing Is To Be Seen After I Watered Earth With My Tears Cruelty Had A Human Heart Jealousy A Human Face Mighty Man In Their Misery Dead And Their Hearts Hidden By Sins Silence Is The Sound Of Peace The Voice Of Solitude And Innocense Now Lying Around The World The Only Sound My Soul'S Beating... My Soul Is Beating It'S My Soul My Soul'S Beating

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