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Listen To The Voice Of The Prophet Who Present Past And Future Sees Whose Ears Have Heard The Holy Words Words That Walked Among The Ancient Trees 'Till The End Of Mankind He Will Say: ââ¬Å¾we Are Lead To Believe A Lie When We See Not Through The Eye That Always Speaks Through Heart, Through Heart And Brain Folly Builds An Endless Maze Tangled Roots Perplex Its Ways Many Stupids Falling There They Who Lead Others But Should Be Lead Pathless Comets, Stupids' Thoughts Striving Aimless Through Their Life Cruel, Jealous, Selfish Thoughts Have Eyes Too Closed To Look Within Truth Now On A Starbeam He Rides With Thoughts Being In And Around Him Words Being Storms On The Cold Calm Surface In The Blue Depths Of Water, Deep Blue Water Schlangen, Die Im Brennenden Feuer Des Nichts Verglühen Es Sind Die Schlangen Die Im Brennenden Feuer Des Nichts Verglühen Und Die L?ge Verschlingen Mi?gunst, Neid Und Eitelkeit Tot Sein, Tot Sein Wo Es Keine L?ge Gibt

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