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The Night Is Dark, No Wisdom Here And Daily Truth I See Not Clear In Mire Deep Alone I Weep Everything Else Is Still I Wish To Drive My Thirst Away Drink Knowledge Like Dew Die Welt In Einem Sandkorn Sehen Und Den Himmel In Einer Wilden Blume Die Unendlichkeit In Meiner Handfläche Halten Und Die Ewigkeit In Einer Stunde With Silent Delight Smiles The Night When Wolves And Tigers Howl My Eyes Flow With Tears Of Gold Searching For Truth Wisdom, Where Are You Going? Do Not Walk So Fast Speak To Your Little Boy Or Else I Shall Be Lost Lost. Wisdom, I Am Lost Lost. I'M Roaming With A Hungry Heart My Spirit Yearning In Desire To Follow Knowledge Not Finding Me. Open My Immortal Eyes Inwards Into The World Of Thought Into The Ever Expanding... The Ever Expanding Eternity Eternity.

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