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Sadie, sadie married lady See what's on my hand There's nothing quite as touching As a simple wedding band Oh how that marriage license works On chamber maids and hotel clerks The honeymoon was such delight That we got married that same night I'm sadie, sadie married lady Still in bed at noon Cracking my brain deciding Between orange juice and prune He says nothing is too good for me And who am I not to agree I'm sadie, sadie married lady That's me Sadie, sadie married lady Meet a mortgagee, The owner of a ice-box With a ten year guarantee Oh, sit me in the softest seat Quick a cushion for my feet Do for me buy for me Lift me carry me Finally got a guy to marry me Do my nails, read up on the sales All day the records play Then he comes home I tell him Oh, what a day I had today I swear I'll do my wifely job Just sit at home become a slob I'm sadie, sadie married lady I'm sadie, sadie married lady I'm sadie, sadie married lady that's me That's who? That's you! That's me I'm sadie, sadie married lady that's me

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