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So many tears I'm shaking out squeezing them out and bend it The way things work together if I write this letter you can bend it Please hope can I give hope the sky won't fall Just look If I mail this letter you can send it back to me If you can dance If you can live I love you Knocked me on the head and sent me spinning It was a blast I can't remember the last time Stand between two poles and hold your arms up I'll kick me over your head and stock down Carry him Carry him Carry him And pray If I mail this letter you can send it back to me Just look I love you It isn't fair Hope you can hold your head up I can pray if you meet my gaze I can laugh if you bring me home and dry me off Count your cans and Hold them up And count them all A piece of ground where I can lay my head Where I can lay a piece of my heart I don't remember I don't remember If I saw God there or not Give me home Give me all Give me what I want I want a place at the door I surrender I surrender My place My goods My day

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