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Versuri Walking In The Dark

I can't forgive a dream You own a question It's a body You can make me cry You have a right I can see you live I can't forget you die You own a question It's a garden You can You can Can where'd you go Where'd you Boxing writhing twist and burrow Walking in the dark A hunter Runner Walking Picking up the sticks I had a dream I had a dream Rub the peers away they dont invade me I just turned 35 A round bottomed beaker I could glow I could glow and swell I could glow Turn black Turn back Ride and forget My ghost of seasons past asked this bedroom what to say I said stay I have to sleep tangled in my families hair Build a house of sticks and grow the grass and build a mask Pull the grapes Turn black Turn back I can't say it till you grow a face Walking in the dark...

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