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Thank you for singing my chains when I couldn't sleep Thank you for chaining me to the bed, that was sweet Sing me to sleep Sing to me My sad brother, my sunny lover How much are you worth or do you work Sometimes you're so heavy, sometimes I don't feel you at all Feeling for a lightswitch I'm feeling this seconal I don't like this party, they won't let me make the drinks So I'm not getting drunk, I don't wanna even think What's going on in your corner If I'm not making friends You're not making enemies You lock the cuffs in your pocket around my wrist I'll even let you pretend that I didn't resist Sing me a kiss, sing to me My sad brother, my sunny lover How hard do you work Or do you I'm so happy He's talking crap he just puts me to sleep Sing me to sleep sing to me My sad brother, my sunny lover How hard do you come or do you, I'm so hazy You talking crazy Just put me to sleep sing to me Put me to sleep sing to me Sing me to sleep

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