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Versuri Rose of sharon

Love, are you awake or are you sleeping? I'm so excited I could die... starting out our lives. Must make some plans for the future now we need to settle down... make a home our own. What we gonna do when the baby comes? It won't be long. Love, am I awake or am I dreaming? I'm so excited I could cry. At times I'm so afraid. Say you'll get a job and never leave us... Though I know you'll make it right, Find a better life. What we gonna do when the baby comes? It won't be long. Don't you ever go, say you'll never leave Promise you won't ever leave. Don't leave me, We need you. Rose I will try to settle down but I can't tell the future Rose I will try to stay around but I don't know the future Oh Rose, you'll never know, just how much I need you so. Oh Rose, you'll never see Just how much you mean to me But Rose, This road is so hard and long and I just can't say.

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