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I want to write songs about Two strangers starting out It's been a long time since I fell It's time you knew as well I want to lose myself within The smallest details of your life Let them assume An importance in mine Sometimes it's just butterflies Other times a hurricane It's ripples Ripples and driving rain I want to be right about you I want you to be An angel sent to save me I've set my heart on you I want you to bring The curtain down on the waiting I've nothing to lose I've everything to gain And I'm not abandoning All fear Isn't life too short for shyness? The times I've talked myself into Telling you, decided to Then I see you And just think I can't do this Doubled up with longing Three a.m. Anything is better than this Even a no taking all hope Even a no taking all hope Sometimes it's just butterflies Other times a hurricane Screaming In my head and through my veins

Album versuri cantece versurile muzica straina asculta versuri. Asculta asculta Ripples Trembling Blue Stars asculta muzica descarca ultima melodie.

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