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Free people will never remain free if they are not willing, if need be, to fight for their vital interests. I watch your bullshit from the outside in, you disrespect and hate You think you're better than your fellow man, Controlled by fear you seal your fate How could you step on me, violate, desecrate and hate me But I'm just like you, flesh and blood, I'm only human. I resist the pressure to be who you want me to be I resist the pressure, I resist so I am free. I see right through your condescending ways, as you look down on me But I could never stand and judge like you, I resist so I am free. My peace of mind, peace of mind will set me free But I'm just like you, flesh and blood, in need of revolution. I resist so I am free.

Melodia mp3 versurile asculta cuvinte cantece Biohazard asculta cuvintele ultima melodie versuri. Asculta melodia Resist versuri melodiei album melodia muzica straina.

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