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Born at the bottom Struggle to find a way You can feel the power It's growing every day Fight for a change, Can't wait until tomorrow Make a difference on this day and al the rest will follow Chorus: Blue blood Working class survives Don't forget your liberty Blue Blood Working class survived That's how we came to be Blue blood working class survives Don't forget your liberty Chains must be broken if ever to be free Blue collar workers screaming Liberty Respect, pride and honor is what we want to see Tall proud working class from sea to shining sea Seeds are sown, within own, We shall not digress Cries of justice can't be suppressed Across the land the wheels are now in motion Calloussed hands create a just commotion It shouldn't be a working class surpressed We would rise above with strength to contest Our homeland will shine to that I will attest With blue collar pride We'll show that America is the best Chorus The fathers of this nation laid the foundation Working man's sweat is what built this nation Winds of change rearrange when all is said and done We will forge ahead the battle will be won! Working class will rise above, standing tall and proud Working class above - Blue blood Working class will rise above we will not forget Working class above - Blue blood Working class will rise above standing tall and proud Working class above - Blue Blood

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