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You don't care about Self doubt coming out from inside out Knock you down, across town all around the underground Shooting and disputing you're always persecuting With your attitude and fucked up views tattooed, rude and crude Denying, glorifying your way of life while crucifying Close your eyes for the ride while you glorify your false pride In any case you're blue in the face 'cause you lost your place in the human race That pushed you to do what you do so fuck you and your point of view I used to doubt myself because I lived without What I needed inside My pride, comes from inside Nothing to hide enough tears cried My pride won't be denied Moan and groan and chew the bone about the zone you call your own Grow your own backbone hold your own and stand alone Why pretend and be content with all the hate you hold innate Pull your weight, it ain't too late to recreate your inner state Discontent with time ill spent time has come and time has went Now you vent while you torment why resent ? misrepresent The scene between the lean and mean serene, extreme, the American dream Live alive revive and thrive on life deprived as I survive I'm fuckin' pissed off I used to be so angry I'd disagree with anything that went against inside me But things have changed I've rearranged in exchange for all the pain I kept inside and tried to hide denied and lied, but kept my pride By my side in good supply all the while, hostile And senile, I never smiled at anyone but now I'm done A battle won for number one so look and see and you'll agree I live life free, I now know me I am a man who knows he can I know I can, I take my stand

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