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Versuri Rescue

You still scared, I'll be scared too, it's cool though just holla back aight. [Verse 1] All alone and I'm feeling wanted Try to wait but my body's calling, you're the one so why don't you come and rescue me, I'll be here while you on your way, counting down till I see your face, hurry up cause I love the way you rescue me. Now you抮e here, come on out, the rain soaking wet body glistening, finally we could do something so rescue me, Can't believe how it's going down, I'm so obsessed with this love I found it got my head spinning round and round just rescue me. [Chorus] All night long Take me away to another place, rescue me save me, save me save me all night long Take me away to another place rescue me Save me, save me, save me [Verse 2] I come alive when I feel your touch and I can drown In this pool of love, you could get what I'm thinking of Come rescue me, what you think couldn't be replaced if you were gone I would find a way to get you back, cause I love the way you rescue me, laying here with you in the dark I always knew you could shift my heart, when I'm with you I don't want to stop so rescue me, only you can fulfill my need take me away from this agony, I want to live out my fantasy just rescue me. [Chorus 4x]

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