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[Chorus: Ja Rule] + (Ashanti) (I wanna be your chick) (I wanna be down for you) Do you trust me? (Yea) Love me? (Yea) You puttin it on me? You must be (Your down ass chick) (I wanna be your chick) And only for the Rule baby (I'll ride for you) Yea (And die for you) Yea (Do anything you want me to; I'll be your down ass chick) [Ja Rule] Yo - this is no intention of bein offensive to women By calling y'all bitches, my down ass bitches Still my queen, princess cuts look clean on that finger next to the finger you flipped at me And there's no in between me and you, only me and you Who else gon put it on ya, like the Rule And God only looks after children and fools And you're not - so who gon' look after you? Just Rule baby [Vita] True baby, it's only for you baby Vita's thighs only divide, if you inside Cause I, love the way you touch me nobody can get it And if it's comin or gunnin just considered it's spitted So when you gone fo' a minute, I just fantasize Like if it's you that's all in it, then I'm satisfied 'til you come back to me, holdin stacks and jewels V-I-T-A and my nigga J-A, Rule baby [Chorus] [Ashanti] I'm gonna be here when you need me Rule baby, can always count on me And you don't ever have to worry You know I'll make it in a hurry Here for you and I will never leave Shed tears for you, cause boy you got to me There will never be another for me You'll always be my one and only [Ja Rule] Baby girl, would you bust your gun wit me? [Ashanti] Yea, yea [Ja Rule] Lie to the Feds if they come get me? [Ashanti] Yea, yea [Ja Rule] And if I died, would you kill for me? [Ashanti] Yea, yea [Ja Rule] Do you trust in me? [Ashanti] Yea, yea [Ja Rule] Are you lovin me? [Ashanti] Yea, yea, yea [Ja Rule] Yea, let's get it gwenin' like we Ashford and Simpson Or Ike and Anna Mae on one of they good days You smile like sun rays 5'5 with brown eyes and thick legs, only for the Rule baby!! [Chorus] [Charli Baltimore] Now baby, I told you I can show you better than I can tell you Blow trial, who bring commissaries and mail? you them sweet words and naked flicks? I'm still that pretty down down ass 2 cars behind your 6 And I diss any clown that's glocking my round ass Only a down ass, and it's ALL for you I grown a tad bit since we've been at it like rabbits The booty a lil' plumper and it's (alll for Rule) Shit, who gon' love you like that? Thug with you with it stacked to the ceiling or splittin a dub with you Cause I play my position with cold D's, O.G.'s Until that bloodshed, blood red, or we O.D. Remember every word that you told me? (Just show me! Hold me!) All you need in your life is Chuck, drugs, and dubs Or 22's, now tell me who the honey for you? .. Chuck [Chorus] - repeat 2X

Ultima melodie descarca album album versuri muzica straina. Versuri cantece Down for you melodia Ashanti asculta cuvinte cuvinte.

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