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(M&L - Weikath) Coming from the sewerage creepin' thru the pipes Born from modern chemistry a thing that is alive Growing in this rotten crap at places no one wipes Eating rats and stinking shit and all it needs to thrive The scientists got no way to fight For they can't find any weak point to get rid of it right You live your life and you don't know what's goin' on You just can't stop a thinking that the officials do you wrong You're sometimes wondering what the hell bit your baby's arm And the nuns at the holy mission can't keep the tramps from harm Even thieves around dark corners too scared to leave the door Frustrated businessmen needing a wank can't find themselves a whore You won't believe 'till you know that it's real From the pain in your stomach and the horror you feel You need a shit so you head off to the loo You're coming to the bog, now what you're gonna do ! There's the Reptile (Reptile) Just see his eyes Reptile (Reptile) Can you see the beast arise Reptile (Reptile) Creeping up on you Reptile (Reptile) There's nothing left that you can do And there's the Reptile (Reptile Hidden till now Reptile (Reptile) But now it's there you don't know how Reptile (Reptile) Just watch it grow Reptile (Reptile) And there's no more human being left but you

Ultima melodie asculta asculta versuri mp3 Reptile mp3 melodiei versuri cuvintele. Melodia versurile asculta muzica straina Helloween melodiei.

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