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I keep wondering all these days How to thrive the way we stray A year, a lifetime - parted, together Will be all the same Many things to make me sad Some can even drive me mad Just fear forever No more endeavours Leave me where I stand You are here And make me feel so high Day by day Something one can't deny Lets give each other certainty Refr?n: All over the nations the tunes come alive Winners and losers, we're all alike No matter as truth ain't some great mystery We all fade into one Don't you feel too hypnotized Or keep your future jeopardized So what's accomplished crying for nothing? Skip depression now Come, arise and take me higher No more lies, and every soul can see We're incarnate sincerity Refr?n

Piesa All over the nations ultima melodie muzica straina. Melodiei melodiei versurile muzica cuvinte versuri versuri mp3 Helloween asculta cuvintele.

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