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(M&L - Weikath) Once they killed his monster when it went into a trap now he's making better ones on a higher step On a warm summer day the doctor went away to a place where he could make it real his assistant's hips were nice so he cloned her once or twice now his hips are aching what a deal Dr. Stein grows funny creatures let's them run into the night they become great rock musiciansa nd their time is right Sometimes when he's feeling bored he's calling it a day he's got his computer and they do it their own way They mix some DNA, some skin and certain spray you can watch it on a laser screen and the fellow's blue and gray or sometimes pink and green just check it out halloween Dr. Stein grows funny creatures let's them run into the night they become great politicians and their time is right One night he coned himself put his brother on a shelf but when he fell asleep that night it crept up from behind and thought well never mind took a syringe and blew out his life Dr. Stein grows funny creatures Let's them run into the night They become a 1 - a great possession 2- a great opression and their time is right

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