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Versuri Pegasus

(Clarke / Hicks / Nash) Follow me, follow, see what you see. I'll take somewhere where you've never been. High on a mountain, deep down in the sea, to faraway lands, you can travel with me. I'm Pegasus, the flying horse. I'm Pegasus, the flying horse. Ride on my back and hold onto my wings I'll take you by night to a time-leaping dream. Time has no value where we're going to People are happy; there, they're never blue. chorus This can only happen to you if you keep our secret. Don't tell anyone about our magic horse. You can go where you want, I can take you anywhere. Because I'm Pegasus, the flying horse. I'm Pegasus, the flying horse. chorus verse 1 chorus I'm Pegasus, the flying horse.

Melodia muzica straina melodia cuvinte versuri versurile. Ultima melodie cuvintele Hollies melodia versuri cuvinte asculta muzica mp3 Pegasus melodiei cuvinte.

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