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Versuri Outro (Featuring Cedric The Entertainer)

(message beep) hey, hey wha sup Nelly? hey dawg i got ya page, but my cell phone battery was low, i couldnt even call u bac rite away, but look herre man, yall jus throw down on tha album bro i jus tryin 2 get at u we been missin each otha u call me i call u we page we missin but look here cuz this here from me man im bout 2 lay it down n chill man im bout 2 leave tha country man i gotta go 2 compton (laughs) do ya thang do ya thug thizzle 4 ya boy playboy partner ite? ced tha entertainer hey yall get at me when ya can ite? im gone man yeah im gone yeah i got these warrants and tha police pulled me ova i got 2 go (ill holla!)

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