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huh uh better hurry up cos in the year 5000 im gonna b old so let all ya chicks over ya 2 see wat i got but we can be so fine no matter u do to me rememeber in the yr 5000 you'll be with me chorus: 5000 5000 5000 5000 is the year when u come up 2 me and see wat i got so 5000 5000 5000 5000 better come better come ok and c wat i got so come and c huh uh u think that i might bak down but u dont think that i might have doubts but i dont yes i will year 5000 repeat chorus uh huh cos when u look at me tell me what u see this is wat u get is the way i am when i look at u i wanna be some1 close to heaven with the man so come with me in the year 5000 chorus repeated 3 imes (faded) muzica melodiei melodiei cuvintele. Muzica straina cuvinte versuri melodiei ultima melodie versuri Hip-hop mp3 descarca melodia asculta melodiei 5000 descarca Nelly.

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