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Nelly-#1 (3:18) Uh Uh Uh I just gotta bring to their attention dirty Thats all... [Nelly] You better watch who you talkin 'bout Runnin ya mouf (mouth), like ya know me You gon' fuck around and show why the Show Me get called the Show me While one-on-one you can't hold me if your last name was Haynes The only way you word me out, is stitch my name on your pants No resident of France (wooo), but ya swear I'm from Paris Hundred Six karats, total, nah thats pure wrist Try to comfirm, my chains to yo chain I'm like Sprint or Motorola, no service, outta ya range Your outta ya brains, thinkin I'ma shout out ya name You gotta come up with better ways than that just to get ya fame All that pressure you applyin, it's time to ease off Before I hit ya from the blind side, takin ya sleve As much as weâs floss, still hard to please boss Donât be lyin, bitchin and cryin, suck it up as a loss Cause ya, acts is whack, ya whole lable is And mata (mater) fact eh eh eh eh eh eh, hold that (Chorus) I am number one Donât matter if ya like, herr (hear) take it, sit down and write it I am number one, eh eh eh eh eh eh Now let me ask ya now What does it take to be number one Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers, eh What does it take to be number one, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh [Woman] Do ya like it when I shake it for ya , Daddy Move it all around (wooo) Let ya get peak before it touches the ground [Nelly] Hell yeah, ma Love a girl thatâs willin to learn, willin to get in the drivers seat, and willin to turn And Iâm concerned, bout that he say, she say, did he say, what I think he said Squash that, he probably got that off E-Bay or something Internet access, some website chat line, mad cause I got mine, oh done wind up on the flat line Oh, if my uncle could see me now If he can see how many rappers wanna be me on Straight emulatin my style, right to the down down, canât leave out the store now, better wait till they calm down I got Hell a shorties, come and askin ya âWhere the partyâ, oh lardy, will I continue to act naughty Mixin Cris and Bacardi, got me bangin fo sho, Iâm not a man of minute words, but itâs one thing I know, pimp (Chorus) [Nelly] (Check it, yo) Ah yo, Iâm tired of people judging whatâs real Hip-Hop Half the time, youâll be them niggaâs that fuckin album flop, you know Boat done sank and it ainât left the dock (come on), mad cause Iâm hot, he just mad that he not You ainât gotta give me my props, just give me the yachts, give me the rocks, and keep my fans comin in flocks Can you top the Super Bowl Keep ya mouf on lock Shhhhhhhhhhhh⦠Iâm awake Iâm cocky on the mic, but Iâm humble in real life Takin nothing for granted, unless itâs everything on my life Tryin to see a new light, at the top of the roof (Baby) Ainât not single, but I speak the truth I heat the booth, Nelly actin so uncool (so crazy) Top down, shirt off in the coupe, spreadin the loot, with my Family and friends, and my closest to kin, and Iâd, do it again if it means Iâma win (dirty, dirty) I am number one No mata if you like it, herr take it, sit down and write it I, I, I, Iâm number one Cause two is not a winner and three nobody remembers Number one Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers (fade)

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