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she's always restless, just over medicated any kind of emotion, feels out of place never give your opinion, they've got all the answers follow the leader, and remember where you've been (PRE-CHORUS) don't leave, it's not me you know i can't control, what goes through my mind so stay, please understand i don't mean all i've said tonight (CHORUS) haven't slept for days, and my words don't seem to come out right it's just a phase that you're going to grow out of when you die it's allright, you know everything is going to be just fine is it too much to ask for, some kind of ordinary life two weeks clean, a vague reality from a lifetime clouded, lost details of your dreams the will to eat, the pills you need to sleep things you never think of, until their always on your mind (PRE CHORUS) (CHORUS) (PRE CHORUS) (CHORUS)

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