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There has been times, even I didnç£ care. And it wouldnç£ even matter if no one else was there. And trust was just a word; I was far from despair. Now itç£ broken trust for my fragile faith to bare. And now I know itç£ not you to blame. Yeah I really know, itç£ not you I have to blame. Sitting here in a hole, the skyç£ lit so dimly. My mind is spinning confusion, my spine is both hot and cold. This hole is dark and wet now, itç£ here I dwell with betrayal. Iç£ lying face down in the mud, will someone please pick me up?

Muzica straina cuvinte melodiei ultima melodie. Mp3 versuri piesa Trusty versuri versurile cuvinte piesa Samiam.

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