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The king of Marigold was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the queen The queen was in the parlour playing piano for the children of the king Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh She's old enough to know better So cry baby cry The king was in the garden picking flowers for a friend who came to play The queen was in the playroom painting pictures for the children's holiday Cry baby cry... The duchess of Kirkcaldy always smiling and arriving late for tea The duke was having problems with a message at the local Bird and Bee Cry baby cry... Twelve o'clock a meeting 'round the table for a seance in the dark With voices out of nowhere put on especially by the children for a lark Cry baby cry... ultima melodie versuri asculta Cry Baby Cry. Mp3 cantece versuri cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele Samiam muzica cuvintele.

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