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Versuri Ooowee Baby

Ooowee baby Honey baby, talk is cheap So if you want my love to keep Come and show me that you really care Ooowee baby Baby, come and kiss me quick Come and smear all my lipstick If you really want my love to share Ooowee baby Just one kiss from you is worth All the talk there in on earth A million words don't equal just one touch Ooowee baby If your love is really real Don't just tell me how you feel If you really love me oh so much Ooowee baby You need more than words In this situation A kiss can do as much To make communication Cuddle me closer And be real good conversation So hold me tight, tonight's the night Fill my heart with pure delight Ooowee baby Ooowee baby, ooowee baby The words I love you just don't do As much for me as just a few Hugs and kisses every now and then Ooowee baby Now that I am in your reach You don't have to make a speech Just open up your arms and close me in Ooowee baby Ooowee baby

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