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Versuri Never gonna let you go

1 - Never gonna let you go away You belong to me And I'm never gonna let you go Never gonna let you go away We were meant to be in love, love Take your time, Mark just sing it for 'em I regret the moment, when I heard you say You don't want no part of me no more But I'm sorry, that you changed your mind You're staying in my life forever more, forever more Cause I'll never Repeat 1 Now I must admit, that I did you wrong Hiding all your tears When you cried for me to come back home And then you tell me Part-time loving just won't do I can't say a word Oh, I must have been a fool But this time, this time, I'll never Repeat 1 Now girl, I know We've had our share of ups and downs But we can make it, if we try (Only if we try) And your friends are telling you That I'm not the one for you But I'll never, no no never, let you go Repeat 1 Repeat 1

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