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Yeah, I have dreams of you and I And those dreams that I dream It's in black and white 1 - I dream in black and white But I make love in color Ooh, girl, you're body so tight I wanna make you my lover I dream in black and white But I make love in color Ooh, girl, you're body's so right I wanna make you my lover My tease couldn't paint a better picture Of a holy tipper, who praises for days I know I make good love to you That's what I heard you say Don't blame it on the paintbrush You should blame it on the campus Cuz these small time minds don't really understand us Ooh, baby, yeah Repeat 1 They said I broke the laws of motion The way you made an image of me But I got all seven seas open Your third eye couldn't even see But could you make a groan So I could leave your first body alone Girl, you got me in a zone I said I'm cryin' out for more, oh 2 - Don't touch there too much Cuz I could get a little crazy It's almost scandalous Baby, can never wanna leave me Repeat 1 Repeat 2 I dream in black and white But I make love in color That's my style, baby

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