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Versuri Much Too Much (Mack A Mil)

Verse One: Other MCs in the place know I'm much too much and I'll bust 'em all up without even cussing all wannabe's are never ever gonna be nothin' Gang Starr's in the house and we're crushing so suckers better be up on their p's and q's and competition come against me and you're losing I'll use a simple style just to catch you snoozing wake up wake up kid read the news and take heed cuz you need to see how battles are won when a real man displays how it must be done and I snuff bum MCs and keep the cashflow comin' and never had no problems getting women I'm like a catalyst causin' a chain reaction dopest vocalist ad now the main attractionn things turn gold at my slightest touch that's why the people say that I'm much too much Chorus: I'm much too much I'm much too much I'm much too much I'm much too much Verse Two: check the G-U-R-U yes the brother who's progressing If beats are cake I'm frosting, if salad I'm dressing never stressing or guessing or messing around man just turn up the system so the beat can be pounding blasting out your radio my vocals surrounding take a trip uptown and come back down and and kick it with the fellas I call my crew so I'm gettin' kinda fat like a big huge sumo I figure that I'm due and it's true cuz you know a rapper this nice oughtta clock mad dough not the stuff from the baker but the loot yo the paper I set up shop and drop gems and catch 'em later cuz I'm like keeping it moving, improving steadily pumping kinda loud in your Blazer or Cherokee doesn't matter what you drive, automatic or clutch just pop in my tape cuz I'm much too much Chorus Verse Three: I walk in the room unload a boom that's like sonic my slick voice to the beat is symphonic to a biting MC my lines are toxic and chronic my mystical style is like harmonic I've rarely had a difficulty slaying MCs cuz the ones who were toughest still begged on their knees and I wreck the set with the greatest of ease and you know I'm swift like the breeze I'll never understand why a wack rapper tries and convinces himself that his image is so fly and that's the type of crap you know I'm not buying chumps lack the beats and their rhymes don't apply and that's why I've come into your life today just to make you sweat in my unique way I'm controlling all action dissing MC ducks that's why everybody knows that I'm much too much Chorus Outro: (Mack A Mil)(Mack A Mil)(Mack A Mil) (Mack A Mil)(Mack A Mil)(Mack A Mil) (Mack A Mil)(Mack A Mil)(Mack A Mil)

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