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Versuri Memphis In The Meantime

I got something to say little girl You might not like my style But we've been hanging around this town Just a little too long a while You say you're gonna get your act together Gonna take it out on the road But if I dont get outta here pretty soon My head's going to explode Sure I like country music I like mandolins But right now I need a telecaster Through a vibro-lux turned up to ten CHORUS: Lets go to Memphis in the meantime baby Memphis in the meantime girl I need a little shot of that rhythm baby Mixed up with these country blues I wanna trade in these ol country boots For some fine italian shoes Forget the mousse and the hairspray sugar We dont need none of that Just a little dab'll do ya girl Underneath a pork pie hat Until hell freezes over Maybe you can wait that long But I dont think Ronnie Milsap's gonna ever Record this song CHORUS TWICE BRIDGE: Maybe there's nothin' happenin' there Maybe there's somethin' in the air Before our upper lips get stiff Maybe we need us a big ol whiff If we could just get off-a that beat little girl Maybe we could find the groove At least we can get a decent meal Down at the Rendez-vous 'Cause one more heartfelt steel guitar chord Girl, it's gonna do me in I need to hear some trumpet and saxophone You know sound as sweet as sin And after we get good and greasy Baby we can come back home Put the cowhorns back on the cadillac And change the message on the cord-a-phone But... CHORUS

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