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Versuri Sometime Other Than Now

Maybe your mama didn't treat you right, Maybe her intentions weren't even very good Maybe my daddy lay awake at night Imagining himself in some other neighborhood Left to our own devices Like maybe they were too Out on the open road And wonderin' what to do CHORUS: You ask how we got here baby don't ask how That was sometime other than now It takes what it takes, that's what they told us girl We've done a lot of dumb things, we'll probably do some more On two different paths, runnin' 'round in different worlds We finally found each other, who we were lookin' for Now I see my own reflection When I give my love to you And it's shot back like an arrow So straight and true CHORUS BRIDGE: I'm not leavin' baby The future's comin' right here and now And maybe tomorrow we can't take it I'm not grievin' baby anymore The past is gone And we can't fake it, so baby let's make it With this love of ours somehow A little bit of fear, you know it goes a long way It's followed us around since we were little kids With just a little faith, well maybe baby someday We will find the strength, the strength to forgive It don't come all of a sudden But when it comes at last You could blink your eyes and miss it It happens so fast CHORUS

Muzica straina Sometime Other Than Now. Versurile ultima melodie John Hiatt cuvintele asculta versuri cantece piesa asculta versuri mp3 ultima melodie muzica.

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