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Versuri String Pull Job

Bring it in tight and cut to her face Fade up the lights 'till it wipes out the place Put on your pants cause she's put out a trace on you She's found a future it's been localized Brought out the sutures and clamps for your eyes Made the incision and no one's suprised but you CHORUS: String pull job Nobody's finer She's got you sewn up With the one-liners She's doin that jerk She's doin that jerk She's pulling it tighter You aim the projector away from the screen It doesn't affect her she's seen through the scene Throwin' out lines 'till she finds one that means you'll do You're thinking of sins so you can confess But who's gonna come in and clean up the mess When she takes a bow and you take off the dress OOOh ooooh CHORUS String pull job String pull job String pull job String pull job Jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk

Mp3 John Hiatt melodiei melodiei piesa ultima melodie. Cantece album versuri melodia cantece String Pull Job descarca versuri descarca cuvinte melodiei muzica straina.

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