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Versuri Melanie Banks Where Can You Be

Melanie Banks where can you be? / I havenââ¬â¢t seen you since our graduation day / And the years keep floating by / Are you doing well? Is everything alright? / Remember our crazy night / After senior prom / We were naked in your pool / And we got busted by your mom / Melanie / Where can you be? / Its been so long / I wonder if you ever think about me / Melanie Banks how have you been? / Someone told me youââ¬â¢re living in New York again / I called your motherââ¬â¢s house today / But the message said that she had moved away / I still laugh about the time / You passed out in your car / With Motherââ¬â¢s Milk on ten / And your headlights on / Just 8 words in my yearbook / 8 words was all you wrote / And you didnââ¬â¢t sign your name / Just your initials and your quote

Cuvinte ultima melodie muzica straina Melanie Banks Where Can You Be piesa versuri album Diesel Boy piesa album. Ultima melodie asculta descarca muzica piesa versuri.

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