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Got a friend who's small in size A fucked up afro is his only disguise Him and Jason, they play the guitar If they could find a drummer they would go far Everybody won't you sing along Cuz this is Andy's song He's short and stoned and he's never on time He ain't been layed since 1989 He's got a lisp and lots of hair His teeth fell out and he don't even care He works at Gravenstone's, he'll sell you a bong He is pretty cool so don't get us wrong His brother's in a band know's Ian MacKaye They signed to Dischord go see'em someday Everybody won't you sign along Cuz this is Andy's song Dropped out of college, went to work for himself An idea and a sticker press, came a buttload of wealth The stickers sold with a whole lotta luck I'm sure you've seen'em they say Mean People Suck We've got a friend, who's small in size A fucked up afro is his only disguise He sold the phrases of a generation So we wrote this song in admiration

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