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Versuri Dear John

Dear John, / The Dakotaââ¬â¢s looking beautiful today / Azure blue and lonesome gray / And a view of Central Park / Mr. Salingerââ¬â¢s / Masterpiece of anarchy / A photo from the land of Oz / And a Playboy magazine / Like a fire that spares no one / Or a smile from a girl / A .38 and a marking pen / Some hollowpoints and your copy of Double Fantasy / December 8th, it was a lonely day / A bad idea and your copy of Double Fantasy / Dear John, / I walked in Central Park today / But all the ducks had flown away / Where did all the time go? Diesel Boy cantece muzica muzica cuvinte piesa muzica straina. Versuri Dear John melodiei cuvintele versuri versurile.

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