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Versuri Maybe After All

So did we ever want the same things? You want a love you could live without. Maybe after all we're on different wavelengths. Something's just eluding me, somehow. But to have an opinion is fraught with danger Could you ever believe there's no hidden agenda with me? Applying the brakes may well protect you; boundaries in place will keep a heart safe. But I think love should come with madness, that there is no road you should not take. Surviving isn't everything: I'd rather drown than not dive in. But what does it matter what I think? Why should I have to understand? What gives me the right to judge you? And what do I know anyway didn't you always say I don't live in the real world?

Muzica melodia asculta muzica straina cuvintele versuri asculta versuri melodiei. Mp3 Trembling Blue Stars ultima melodie Maybe After All cuvinte descarca.

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