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What means hallucinate? what are we supposed to see? What are they supposed to want? get a job! you scare me I sing here I'm alone here I'm with you over here Marshmallow brain I need an umbrella If I'm gonna stand in the rain My hands are cupped and full of blood My eyes are spirals I am on my knees and praying That is how I pray cause thatis how you pray Rat rat rat rat rat rat Tongue thickens I am with those who eat drugs Who peek over the wall and get shocked Shocking is therapy Electrify your head! Pianos in my hearing Vincent, me ear is falling off Who left me alone? What do you mean you're alone? Goddamn wolves No one has that dream Hallucinate I need an umbrella If I'm gonna go insane I think she wanna be crazy pick a brain! I think I'm running away Oh boy, God? I'm gonna scare that boy again? Not again Centerdale to Providence Middletown to Armageddon A road is in my dream Centerdale is in my dream Drums! carry me over the wall You! left me alone what do you mean you're alone? I peek over the wall and get sick Sickness is therapy electrify your head! Catalyst I need an umbrella If I'm gonna slit my wrist Pick your hands up Put them on your head Move it around and say This is too much it doesn't fit Your feet say nothing but move your hips Move your hips, move your hips Rat rat rat rat rat rat Mania

Album versuri melodia melodiei descarca. Mania cantece muzica straina descarca cuvintele versuri descarca Throwing Muses

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