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Maybe far away or maybe real nearby He maybe pouring her coffee She maybe straightenin' his tie Maybe in a house or hidden by a hill She's sittin' playin' piano He's sittin' payin' the bills Betcha they're young Betcha they're smart Bet they're collecting like ashtrays and art Betcha they're good why shouldn't they be Their one mistake was givin' up me So maybe now its time And maybe when I'm wake They'll be there calling me baby, maybe Betcha he reads Betcha she sews Maybe she's made me a closet of clothes Maybe they're straight as straight as a line Don't really care as long as they're mine So maybe now this prayer The last one of its kind Won't you please and get your baby Maybe...

Asculta versurile melodia muzica straina melodiei cuvintele Lea Salonga asculta mp3. Versurile MAYBE descarca versuri versuri muzica cuvinte melodia melodia ultima melodie.

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