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(B. Kaye/S. Lippman/F. Wise) 'A' - you're adorable 'B' - you're so beautiful 'C' - you're so cute and full of charm 'D' - you're a darling 'E' - you're exciting 'F' - you're a feather in my arms 'G' - you're so good to me 'H' - you're so heavenly 'I' - you're the 'I' that idolize 'J' - we're like Jack and Jill 'K' - you're so kissable 'L' - you're the lovelife in my eye 'M','N','O','P' I could go on all day 'Q','R','S','T' alphabetically speaking, you're okay 'U' - make my life complete 'V' - makes you very sweet 'W','X','Y','Z' It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you To tell you what it means to me (Repeat all)

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