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(Julie Gold) Half the world is sleeping Half the world's awake Half can hear their hearts beat Half just hear them break I am but a trav'ler Been most everywhere Ask me what you want to know Chorus: What a journey it has been And the end is not in sight But the stars are out tonight And they're bound to guide my way When they're shining on my life I can see your better day I won't let the darkness in What a journey it has been I have been to sorrow I have been to bliss Where I'll be tomorrow I can only guess Through the darkest desert Through the deepest snow Foward, always foward I go (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Foward, always foward Onward, always up Catching every drop of hope In my empty cup (Repeat Chorus) What a journey it has been

Versuri Lea Salonga album mp3 melodia melodiei. Versuri cuvintele cuvinte muzica straina melodiei mp3 THE JOURNEY cuvintele.

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