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(Hicks / Clarke / Nash) Would you like to slide down a rainbow Catch a falling star in your hands Chase a moonbeam right by your window Close your eyes and you'll be there In a land of dragons and castles be a knight in armor that shines on a horse with trappings of silver Close your eyes and you'll be there You will be there Hoping that no one will come and wake you up You will be there While the mooning is peeping as you lie a-sleeping in your dream world chorus See the witches fly on their broomsticks stirring cauldrons casting their spells Kisses changing frogs into princes Close your eyes and you'll be close your eyes and you'll be close your eyes and you'll be there

Versurile cuvinte mp3 versuri melodia ultima melodie mp3 ultima melodie asculta. Album versuri descarca muzica straina muzica Lullaby To Tim Hollies.

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