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Iââ¬â¢ve found all the love I ever wanted Things so sweet I never could explain Hold me like a prisoner who has nowhere to escape Tied forever to a loverââ¬â¢s chain. You showed me the strongest love is gentle Softer than the lightest summer rain You donââ¬â¢t have to try at all to keep me where I am Locked forever in the loverââ¬â¢s chain. Some friends would like to take me back to where I used to be They canââ¬â¢t believe my old ways have all died They wont listen to me when I try to make them see A little love can keep me satisfied. It took a while to make my heart surrender Surrender proved so easy when it came Now nothing in this crazy world could take my heart away From the sweetness of your loverââ¬â¢s chain. Iââ¬â¢ve discovered my remedy of heaven By your side forever Iââ¬â¢ll remain All the doubtful pleasures of my past could not compare With the sweetness of your loverââ¬â¢s chain. With the sweetness of your loverââ¬â¢s chain.

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