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Versuri Love You Every Second

Down the years There'll be days When we must be apart So I bought this small watch For to measure the time The inscription it carries Comes straight from the heart To remind you You'll always be mine ------- CHORUS: Love you every second It's simple But so true Love you every second Every second I live I'll love you ------- When you feel You're out fighting This world on your own Watch those hands turning round And remember that phrase While there's breath in this body You won't be alone So believe that old watch When it says ------- REPEAT CHORUS: Every moment is precious So don't waste a one For you'll never recover A moment that's gone ------- Love can sometimes Get lost In an ocean of time But my heart will not change And I want you to know You possess every drop God allows to be mine I decided a long time ago ------- REPEAT CHORUS: Every moment of time I'll love you

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