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One more time Tell me you love me only You'll never leave me lonely Though you will tell me still I wanna see those misty eyes I wanna hear those old Sweet lies again Don't stop till I say when One more time Tell me you really love me You think the whole world doesn't Though I know its not so Give me this one last memory The taste of how it use to be Before you walk away from my door One more time Say your mine And hold me like never let me go I'll pretend that it won't end Laugh at all the Friends who told me so One more time Lie in my arms and kiss me Tell me how much you'll Miss me When I'm gone Pile it on Before you pull the curtain down Before you take my faded crown away Let me be king more day One more time Charlie Landsborough versurile versuri cantece ultima melodie. Cuvintele Part Of Me versuri melodiei muzica straina muzica mp3 versurile.

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