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Love is everything Love love love... I woke in the middle of the night Just to see how you look when you're sleeping I don't need a conversation I just want to feel your vibration I know your dreaming And I hope it's about me Real... Sometimes you talk too much No words only melodies And there's nothing else to say Nothing else to say The words just get in the way I've got to find our melody Bring it back to me Bring it back to me Cause I know that you can feel it when it's real There's a smile on your face And it reminds me How much I like my place Right next to you Real... Follow your dreams No matter how far they seem Searching for the reason The mystery We can only dream We can only dream

Versurile melodia melodia ultima melodie. Melodia asculta versuri Deee Lite descarca muzica asculta versurile muzica straina Love Is Everything versuri asculta.

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