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All day in my mind I replay the 2nd time we chimed So sweet what a treat sensuelle Skin on skin is swingingly swell Fat treasures Don't compare to our pleasures Kissing and suckling The boots come unbuckling Enter sexual altered states No sleep um we're staying awake The music connects us The rubber protects us And what the neighbors think Just doesn't effect us Check my spot and dig my swirl I'm a liberated girl I need your loving I want your love I'll be your friend I'll be your lover Against me your body's pressed I want to hug and kiss you And all the rest Forget your troubles, ills and aches And like an earthquake Our body shakes Turn up the frogger bass And enter sexual altered state Take off your shirt I'll take off my bra A rub a dub lovin' Until you say ahhh... Keep holding on until you say ahhh... You're smiles as big As the Brooklyn Bridge You rock me like no one ever did Live and let living Tripping not slipping Chewing on a chicklet Make me want to knee dip Let me roll my full hips Rolling Philly's acting silly The hippy spliffy Made you lick your lippy Our love a dub rubbin' Is king size trippy Keep holding on until you say ahhh...

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