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Who is the winner of the war? Is Mother Nature gonna keep the score Are we one for all or are we all for one Or on the outside of a deal well done Slicker than an oil spill cover up Left alone like a homeless person's cup As civilations rise and fall Libraries burn down to the ground But love remains standing tall Although history is a matter of opinion (RAP) Campaign contributions run the puppet show Wall street types let the cocaine flow and flow Media cowards are afraid to speak The defense fund's the movie of the week Men in sheeps clothing rob the poor A bad interpreter could start a war (MORE RAP) The jury better hurry on down Just get on down to planet Earth Planet Earth...transmitting Fuddy duddy judge Fuddy duddy duddy judge Though we may rise and fall We must be one for all Don't let your mind be weak Don't be afraid to speak Just look at history Amd then you've got to see That hate will never pay Love is the only way

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