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Chrous: Give me a chevy tre cheverlet let me ride half a pill just a hit it gets me high duce tre esclade that's my style t double d thuggin and raw ride or die Trick Daddy I used to be a polo kid who would of thought of all the stupid shit that I did I used to sport it talk about it that's the reason why shorty went in the hood and bought it Mr. Rabbit like a fast from the past bone jean overalls yall can kiss my ass thug nigga going back to the basic and that Iceberg on the curve is thug animated but first off this is T double when I hitya with them k cutters you turn bout three colors gon and get your big brother I don't care I'm dade county major slash player hold up cuz Mr. Dollar got sold up time for war now be a boy what's the hold up a new candiate for the thug of the year I'm the ultiment thug the rest of them busta is quitters Chrous: repeat 2x Rick Ross You know it's your boy R Ross, the overweight hell of a nigga so pepperlicoius and we getting it sitting on serious inches we dem niggas smoking coco and serious vison (at the door) bouncers don't touch us they know once ounces go up they hold up and know what I drink cris let it bubble back I'm leaning on double stack ready to snap Trick already know yall ain't ready for us we make a way in the club waving a slug come play with a thug I can let yall lay in the mud I battle you partner a spotter that's hotter with a nuff music to wake pac up keep your glocks up you can't stop us true husltler chop doctors knot in pockets in truly didited or god got us Chrous: repeat 2x Trick Daddy Some of these ho's think I'm manish go head ask me were I got my manners bitch ask your mamie I slap a bitch in minute seen it twice already ho I muthafucking mean it plus d bout big money get honey lauging that six hundred still running so what's the cause mayham or murder who is the killer shit I'll kill ya got money so I'll make it in court plus I'ma thug nigga and I'll never get caught bout to set up shop pushing caine to rocks plus my glock gon take this shit on top this ain't no muthafucking hang out we don't eat shit smoke caine out the same damn house this is thug life not a citcom plus we got big guns ready for change now Chrous: repeat 2 -end

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