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(Trick Daddy) Bitch I'll kill ya, fo' night (Hook x2) I'm goin' all way out bout mine Best in a biscuit shot bout mine Hoes get slapped in the mouth bout mine Prices stay the same and they drop bout mine (Verse 1, Money Mark) You fucks with T Double D then you fucks with we Now you runnin' round duckin' me Young nigga with a AK better than Ananda Lee I send them killers where ya mama be I be Money M to the izzay, R to the kizzay Come through choppin' ya block I don't plizzay Got dolo for the low, then hit the 2 Way Peace to Uncle Lisle I miss him everyday, hey Love dough and love to hate hoes Love to pull nigga bout mine lil' nose Nigga tryna hold me back, I'm throwin' 'bows I'm a treal ass nigga, that's how shit goes (Rick Ross) You can never fuck with me, I'll just flow harder CL 6 sittin' low on those (?) I'm a Philly man, but I don't blow garbage Got sweet dick, most of these hoes got it Ain't no love, you see how the Feds do us Wanna eat like rust and some for tear Lucas Haul that blunt to a nigga share mucas Body on 'em so what, look up we had shooters (?) Take all tinted route Hand guns, razor blades comin' out of the mouth Borderline rapper, come see me but twin 49 rapper It's more to mine rapper Saw that rhyme after, yeah, got the right gat Eat with the 2 Way they scared to write back Lay niggas down like this? No like 'dat No whoever ran, make 'em come back like crack (Duece Poppi) You better worry bout you, don't worry bout me I pop three, out the drop-e I smoke brocoli, you know we got D Duece Poppi and T Double D We got them AK shells and they hot as hell Crackin' back to the white meat like lobster tails Poppin shells, quick to crack your breastbone Tore his head off 'cause he had his vest on 12 gauge, shoot ten times for haters Niggas curlin' up like activators Fake ass thugs, stop with them lies You ain't rapped like that when Tupac was alive (Hook x2) (Verse 2, Mystic) I'm not gonna fuck with you nigga, 'cause I don't know you my nigga So don't you fuck with me or my dogs Nigga I'm for real about mine, and my dogs ready to kill bout mine I chill, smoke crip and send orders Off all those po-po's and armed forces, fuck 'em They don't wanna see me fly, I don't trust 'em They probably wanna see me die, that why Hold the fire, and keep it closed and keep an open eye For them haters and hoes, 'cause I don't play about mine Goin' deep, pray about mine Know baby had to spray about mine, AK about mine Fuck that you've been warned too many times How you feel bout yours, nigga I'm ten times worse You gettin' revenge but nigga mine will get you cursed So please don't fuck around with me 'Cause my dogs will bust around at he Whoever obsessed, me boy, don't test me boy Touch me, my dog'll wetcha boy (Trick Daddy) Most niggas get rich, get goats I went out and got guns, united my folks (my folks) Pour it out for the ones we lost, now bitch Throw it up 'fore I blow it up You ain't know I was a G muthafucka You don't really wanna see me muthafucka I'm a thug nigga, fo' life Bitch I'll kill ya, fo' night I'm goin' all way out bout mine Best in a biscuit shot bout mine Hoes get slapped in the mouth bout mine Prices stay the same and they drop bout mine Runnin' in your grandmami house bout mine I ain't slippin', I got my nine Plus Duece got his, you better think twice bitch 'cause you got kids Plus, I know what you did, add that to the fact I know where you live Thug life and you know how it is Shit don't stop till a nigga get killed (killed, killed, killed, get killed) (Hook x2) versuri melodia Bout Mine cantece muzica straina piesa melodia cuvinte Trick Daddy. Mp3 versuri cuvinte cantece cuvintele.

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