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Versuri Change My Life

[hook] Gotta change my life Lord knows I aint livin right Yall know i aint chillin right Smokin out everyday and night Gotta ease my mind Gotta find time to rewind Cause I'm fallin way behind Me and my dogs we known to ride Gotta watch my back Represent for the soldier Die couple years older Have boulders, a lil soda Get rich with a motive Now shit done changed Niggaz gunnin in the rain On straight cocaine And it aint no thang Since the game in his arm Straight aim at his arm Gotta watch my back Gotta stack my flow Gotta pay my bills Leave bread in the will All to the old girl See yall hoes betta chill Now back to the game Lotsa niggaa been dying for this Done lost they lives to this Got me on this survival some type of AK rider Na I started with thug A thug with a heart Took a trip with some heart Had a dude he was scarred See his maom in the park Tears dried up Mom what's wrong (what's wrong) Your son's gone Is he ever comin back home She said you straight young nigga Take a look in tha mirror I was there when you was gone Now back to the streets Where young niggaz like me Gon do what we got to do You aint nuttin without ya crew Betta light in tha night and I'm thinkin bout you In the bedroom tied uo With ya mouthpiece wired up Just shaped on tha floor Had none of ya guns keep muthafuckaz fired up An see that's the truth I done told my nigga this street shit aint a game But it seem the same Young nigga get slanged For a lil bit a fame and cocaine Try to do thangs Just for the benzs and beamers and bithces Thinkin riches gon take care snitches And niggaz wit triggaz Niggaz betta watch they back Cuz the same time I'm tryin to speak to you and realease to you Some shit ya need Young nigga wit greed gon try to put the heat to you speed to you [hook (x1)] They callin in the gat In the dunge with a guy Ski mask and a vest Let his heart do the rest Thuggin, broke niggaz be the best Yes, and gon die if ya buck So get fucked right up Come back if ya like Bring ya gat if ya like And get stacked if ya like On ya back if ya like All I neded was a chance A MAC-10 and a benz So I can clown with my friends Show the world I'm a man Then broke but those in the pen When I'm off in the club Much love for the thugs See hennessy in the clubs Got all these rabid ass, maggot hoes they love the thugs [hook (x2)] Now bout dem hoes Try to find them a man That can pay they bills And yes they can Weight 28 grams Take a tour of the land Aint got no plan They'll wait for a thug Go give em a hug Show em how to be loved Then suck em up Straight fuckin em up Then get in his benz Get with all his friends Take all his ends Then send him to the pen Then do it all again Amen But lord forgive em Have mercy on they're souls For livin like hoes And say a lil prayer for me and my life Cuz I aint livin right you know I [hook (till fade)]

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